A 21st Century Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol has been responsible for bringing joy into my heart for many years, especially at times when I experience depression. One may wonder what it is about the story that uplifts and inspires. I believe there is so much more to the story than Ebenezer Scrooge’s evolution from moneygrubbing miser to penitent philanthropist.

In my own reading of A Christmas Carol, I find Christian undertones just begging to shine forth. When the Spirit of Christmas Present, for instance, invites “Come in, and know me better, man,” I have always thought that that alluded to the Savior. Perhaps my inspiration for writing A 21st Century Christmas Carol began in 2010 when I was asked to give a talk in church at Christmastime. Here you’ll find the talk that began my journey of combining the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future with those of my own.

Why Did I Write This Novella?

Losing my late wife in December 2005 was a traumatic, yet spiritually defining experience. I quickly learned that not only are we not alone, but that God is fully invested and interested in our lives. I’ve always wanted to share my experience with a wider audience but finding the right way to do it has been difficult. Last Christmas, while watching The Muppet Christmas Carol with my family, the inspiration came that Dickens’ classic was the perfect medium wherein I could tell my story. A Christmas Carol, in my opinion, is a Christian tale without directly mentioning Christ. Yet, when I read it, I feel as though there are certain allusions to Him, particularly the phrase spoken by the Ghost of Christmas Present, “Come in, and know me better, man.” It is my hope, that through a fictionalized account of some of my experiences, readers can “better know” the Savior and His love for them.

Everyone experiences hardships, and even when we move on with our lives those trials can continue to weigh heavy on our minds. Ironically, though it is a season of joy, I find that Christmas can be a particularly difficult time for some. Personally, I receive significant comfort when I focus on the spiritual lessons I gained through my own experiences, which are illustrated in the story of David Fern. I hope this book helps to provide some of the same eye-opening realizations to others that they are not alone, and that God is ever mindful of them.

From the Back Cover:

The Spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Future are called upon once again to help a man feel the true spirit of Christmas. David Fern is no Scrooge, but depression has kept him from enjoying that spirit for many years. How will the visit of three spirits change his heart? How will it change yours?

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 Maria’s Ghost
  • Chapter 2 The First of the Three Spirits
  • Chapter 3 The Second of the Three Spirits
  • Chapter 4 The Last of the Spirits
  • Chapter 5 The End of It