While most authors may feel “at home” when writing, throughout his life, Dennis has been most comfortable revising and editing. As a young boy, for instance, he often reviewed and modified earlier journal entries… for fear that one day his affections for different girls would be made public.

The challenge any editor faces is the question as to when a piece is “good enough” for publication. Although man often seeks perfection, Dennis has reached the conclusion that this pursuit has probably been his greatest work of fiction. At least, that’s what his wife tells him. Consequently, he has chosen to make some of his works public, including children’s books and inspirational novels, while excluding his romantic works (which he hopes will only ever be released under a pseudonym).

As a stay-at-home dad, Dennis spends most of his time with one or more of his five children, playing sports and board games, building with blocks, and making up stories. The latter activity, sometimes even with the help of his kids, leads him to write books. When he has time for reflection and meditation, Dennis likes to create inspirational stories from the experiences of his life, leaving those closest to him with the difficult task of separating fact from fiction. Perhaps this strategy will serve him well if some of his earliest revisions are ever revealed.