Children’s Books

Is there a parent in the world today who isn’t interested in their children reading good books? Of course, what constitutes a good book is different for so many different people. What I think makes a good children’s book is the following:

  • Fun and memorable words and phrases; Rhyming helps, but also just silly words where children get the opportunity to say and read sounds. Phonics are important, but so is phonemic awareness!
  • Values! There are so many values that seem to be out-of-style, like prayer. I definitely jump at the opportunity to add prayer to a children’s book, so kids get to see other kids with heads bowed and arms crossed. Other values that should be read by children, in my opinion, include obedience to parents and respect and love toward siblings.
  • Pictures and art will always be important in a good children’s book. I am under no illusion about my talent when it comes to art… I would love to work with a good illustrator, but for the time being I’m content taking pictures of my children for my books (because they enjoy it so much!).

A Song for Ma and Pa

A Song for Ma and Pa was my first installment in the Robbie & Ray-Ray series. Inspired by two of my sons still at home while older siblings were in school, I started to create rhyming stories that were fun and silly. When trying to decide what to do about illustrations, I thought that, since … Continue reading A Song for Ma and Pa

Backyard Melodies

This was perhaps Robbie’s favorite book to make. He had so much fun jumping off the swing in our backyard to get the best picture for the book. Each time he said he could do it higher and higher, and he delivered! Join Robbie & Ray-Ray as they sing “Whee! Whee! Woo! Yahoo!” in Backyard … Continue reading Backyard Melodies

Sounds of the Street

In Sounds of the Street, Robbie and Ray-Ray got to do their favorite activities: riding their bike and stroller. Then, there was the added bonus of spending time with their Ma while riding down the sidewalk of our neighborhood. I’m not sure what they had the most fun with, though; riding down the sidewalk or … Continue reading Sounds of the Street

The Beat of Feet

Perhaps boys really have the most fun chasing each other. Robbie and Ray-Ray definitely loved playing hide-and-seek and running around the yard. My favorite part of The Beat of Feet is when their feet stop moving at the end of the day. Having Robbie and Ray-Ray kneel on their beds for nighttime prayers was absolutely … Continue reading The Beat of Feet