Spotlight on the “Web”

My first author/novel spotlight was posted! It was really nice. I asked Perspective by Peter if he’d review A 21st Century Christmas Carol and he responded immediately that he had already purchased it and would publish a spotlight on his blog.

This experience has taught me the value of community. In my opinion, Christianity, and religion in general, seems to be increasingly under attack. How can we fortify ourselves against the fiery darts of the adversary? Or, how can we protect our children and instill in their hearts and minds a love of the Lord that trumps the peer pressures of the world tempting them to abandon faith and spirituality?

Nothing can compensate for an individual relationship with our Savior. First and foremost, we should be developing our own testimonies of Him, and strengthening our resolve to follow Him. We should encourage our children to do the same. But I think supplementary to that relationship is our relationship with each other. A community together in Christ helps individuals be stronger in the faith. Whether you foster that community in church, your neighborhood, or on the world wide web, you can gain strength from other like-minded individuals who share your love for the Lord. People are not perfect, though, and those in our own communities may even offend us at times, which is why our testimonies must be anchored to our relationship with God first. Still, it is always heartening to see the interconnected family Christians can become, even on the web.