After graduating with a BA in History, I decided to dip my toes into the water of graduate studies and see if it was something I’d enjoy. I attended San Diego State University from 2008-2009 and finished my Masters program in just a year and a half! I thoroughly enjoyed the graduate seminar approach to history. In these smaller settings of 10-15 students led by a professor, discussions were often fascinating. Not only do you get to learn about history, but about the various approaches and interpretations individuals utilize. That includes the authors of the books we read as well as the students and professors in the class, all who have profoundly different ways of viewing the world.

If you finish your undergraduate work and don’t know where to go from there, should you try graduate school? I think that is a very difficult question to answer. If it won’t break the bank, so to speak, I’d say it can be worth it, at the very least to gain different insights that undergraduate readings and lectures don’t really provide. Below, you’ll find some of the classes I took at SDSU and the essays I wrote in those classes. I’ve also included my Thesis on the rhetoric of union in early American history, if you’re interested in looking at the type of work required for an MA Thesis.