Dennis J. Beesley is a stay-at-home dad. Raised in San Diego, California with five siblings, he currently resides in Provo, Utah with his wife and five children. He has a BA and an MA in History from UCSD and SDSU, respectively. He started a PhD program at American University and, after completing all the necessary coursework and two comprehensive exams, he made the excruciatingly painful decision to abandon that pursuit in favor of embracing his calling as a stay-at-home dad. In addition to caring for his youngest children at home, Dennis plays catch with his sons and daughters, volunteers as a soccer coach when needed, and has served and continues to serve in various positions in his church.

Despite his full schedule of family activities, Dennis finds a little time to write on the side. He writes books of two different genres, though he gains inspiration from the same place regardless of the type of book he’s writing. First, his children’s books are inspired by rhyming activities he enjoys with his own kids. In addition to making up stories and rhymes, he also takes pictures of his own children to use in the illustration of his children’s books. Second, just as his work in children’s books is inspired by his own life, his fictional writing also incorporates real life stories and experiences.

One of Dennis’ favorite authors is Charles Dickens, and this is made most obvious in his own work. He always enjoyed A Christmas Carol and, inspiringly, used its framework to tell the story of his own experience losing his first wife at Christmastime and the spiritual assistance he received at that difficult season. While dating his current wife, Dennis learned that one of her favorite books was A Tale of Two Cities. Having never read it himself, Dennis spent the following week enjoying that masterpiece (he definitely cried at the end). It should come as no surprise, therefore, that Dennis is currently working on a book that includes various stories of his youth using this Dickens masterpiece as a jumping off point.